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Nieuw boek - Twist Your Fate - Geschreven door Theresa Reed.
"Astrology creates the map. Tarot shows you the detours".
New! A wonderful book - A Little Bit of Astrology - written by Colin Bedell. A book that takes you into the zodiac
A Practical Guide to Healing Herbs, Tea Leaf Reading, and Botanical Spells
The Classic Instruction Manual for Protecting Yourself Against Paranormal Attack
In Astrology for Real Life, Theresa Reed goes beyond simple sun-sign interpretation while also cutting through the complications of horoscope analysis. Now, you can interpret your chart with ease without losing any of the depth and nuance. 
Goddesses often are labelled as one-dimensional forces of nature or fertility. In examining a number of goddesses whose primary role is sovereignty, this volume reveals the rich diversity of goddess traditions.
Raak je in vervoering als je de maan door de bomen ziet schijnen? Voel je je één worden met Het Geheel als je door een bos of door de duinen loopt? Wil je de zilveren Vrouwe en de gehoornde God graag ontmoeten? Dan is Wegwijs in Wicca een goede keuze.
There are no miracles. There are only phenomena that we might not be able to explain and scientifically confirm at this stage, so some people call them “miracles”.
How to Complete the Seven Levels of Initiation.
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