Star Child
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Star Child Parfum Es

Een flesje van 5 ml.

De wijsheid van bomen gevat in parfum: dit is een unieke geur samengesteld uit hoge kwaliteit ingrediënten.

Deze olie is onder andere te dragen als natuurlijke parfum. Star Child in Glastonbury heeft deze Tree Wisdom Perfumes gecreëerd geïnspireerd op de oude Keltische boom symboliek (Ogham).

Elk parfum is samengesteld uit de olie van alle delen van de desbetreffende boom/struik: bloesem, blad, hars, vrucht en wortel.

Dit verteld Star Child over deze geur:

"18th February ~ 17th March

The Ash is a formidable and majestic tree and among the largest of the northern hemisphere. Despite its outward strength, it is sensitive to frost and thus reluctant to expose its new leaves before all danger of sudden cold snaps has passed. It is therefore an image of maturity and insight.

Norse mythology tells of the 'World-Tree Yggdrasil', a gigantic Ash that stands at the centre of the Universe and forms the bridge between the realm of the Gods, our human world and the world below, where the souls of the dead reside. Ash is sacred to Odin, who spent nine days and nights hanging from Yggdrasil's branches in a shamanic initiation rite. With his inner eye he perceived the secrets of the runes. Thus, Ash came to represent not only divination and wisdom, but also transformation and spiritual rebirth. Ash is also sacred to Neptune and is said to protect against drowning.

The Druids fashioned their magic wands from its wood while witches turned it into broomsticks. Both, Druids and Witches used Ash-wands in their weather magic, to disperse rain clouds or brew up storms.

Ash signifies the third month of the Celtic Tree Calendar - the month of storms, floods and rains that fertilises the earth.

Wear Ash Tree Wisdom Perfume to get in touch with your source of inner wisdom and maturity. True strength comes from knowing one's weaknesses."

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