Star Child
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Sleedoorn is een krachtig parfum dat je helpt weer tot bloei te komen

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Star Child Parfum Sleedoorn

Een flesje van 5 ml.

De wijsheid van bomen gevat in parfum: dit is een unieke geur samengesteld uit hoge kwaliteit ingrediënten.

Deze olie is onder andere te dragen als natuurlijke parfum. Star Child in Glastonbury heeft deze Tree Wisdom Perfumes gecreëerd geïnspireerd op de oude Keltische boom symboliek (Ogham).

Elk parfum is samengesteld uit de olie van alle delen van de desbetreffende boom/struik: bloesem, blad, hars, vrucht en wortel.

De rune die aan Sleedoorn wordt meegegeven is: thurisaz. Die gaat over de schaduwkant van het leven en deze in openheid en acceptatie aangaan en te boven komen. Dit zegt natuurlijk ook iets over de werking van dit bijzondere parfum.

Dit vertelt Star Child over haar Boomparfum Sleedoorn:

"Blackthorn does not have a month of its own in the Celtic Tree Calendar

In northern Europe Blackthorn is one of the earliest trees to burst into flower, sometimes as early as February, when the rest of the countryside still slumbers. Suddenly, the sombre looking hedges explode into clouds of tiny, white flowers. They are an image of fragility - yet the Blackthorn's dark appearance and long sharp thorns are quite forbidding.

Associated with the Crone aspect of the Goddess this tree has a dark reputation. The adept make use of its power to reach into the world of shadows and bring to the surface what is normally hidden or suppressed. Although it may act as the 'thorn in the side', it merely serves as a reminder of the repressed shadow side of existence and the duality inherent in our world. Where there is light there is shadow: the beautiful and the ugly, the good and the bad - they are all part of life. Bringing such issues to the surface of consciousness provides an opportunity to embrace those aspects and thus become more whole and wise.

Blackthorn does not have a month of its own in the Celtic Tree Calendar, but is part of the tree alphabet and is thought to share the month with Willow. It is also often regarded as the sister tree of Whitethorn or Hawthorn, which signifies the following month.

Wear Blackthorn Tree Wisdom Perfume to help you face the shadowy parts of life, or to deal with the shadow within. Alchemically, embracing the dark side transforms lead into gold and brings harmony to the Yin and Yang aspects of life. You can also wear this perfume to honour the Triple Goddess and to invoke your inner source of resourcefulness that is the font of regeneration and growth."

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