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The Definitive Guide to Living and Working with the Unseen

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Spirit Walking, A Psychic Handbook:
The Definitive Guide to Living and Working with the Unseen
by Poppy Palin


Drawing together the wild craft of the shamanic practicioner and the wise counsel of the medium or psychic, Spiritwalking takes the reader through a practical course in becoming an effective, empathic spiritwalker; one who can look beyond our physical existence in order to effect positive change. Here is an original 'how to' manual that will enable anyone to deal with unwanted psychic intrusions, balance inharmonious energies or welcome benevolent spirits that can work with us for the good of the All.

"While I wouldn’t necessarily call this book the definitive guide, it’s a fairly thorough guide to the basics involved in a magical practice. The author addresses a wide variety of subjects from protection to astral travel, from working with faeries to doing the necessary banishing and cleansing after all the magical work is done.

This would be an excellent book to get for someone just starting out, because it provides a nice balance between magical theory and its practical application. I also like it because it doesn’t present a particular religious perspective, but does provide a solid focus on actual techniques.

One section I particularly liked was the exercises for creating an astral office. The author provided clear instructions that anyone could follow, without a lot of pretension, and with a focus on helping the reader get a good sense of what each direction of the astral office should look like as well as getting in touch with the intuitive aspects of the senses."

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