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Find spiritual healing and everyday magic in this beautifully mysterious guide to communing with your ancestors.
Learn the secrets of The Witch of the Forest in this stunning follow-up to Natural Magick, and channel the elemental forces which are all around you to master the practice of earth magick.
De jaarlijkse uitgave van de ISARS (International Society for Academic Research in Shamanism).
De jaarlijkse uitgave van de ISARS (International Society for Academic Research in Shamanism).
Owl Magic - Your Guide Trough Challenging Times. A gentle guide to deeper self-awareness, Owl Magic peels back the layers of who we are to reveal our true power.
A dictionary that explores the symbols which abound in literature, religion, national identity and are found at the heart of our dreams and sub-conscious. It includes entries that give its interpretations to the identity of symbols.
The Witch's Garden describes over 50 of the world's most powerful, harmful, legendary and storied plants
From one of the UK's best-known tarot personalities comes a guide for creating your own tarot or oracle deck.
Featuring more than 100 spells for mojo bags, poppets, talismans, jars, and other enchanted containers, this is the spell book you've always wanted.
Renowned parapsychologist W. E. Butler outlines simple procedures to develop, perfect, and control the four basic psychic powers that we all possess.
Crystal Zodiac breaks down their practical, easy-to-use applications, showing how they powerfully work together to prioritize personal growth and mindfulness in the day-to-day.
Nieuw boek - Twist Your Fate - Geschreven door Theresa Reed.
"Astrology creates the map. Tarot shows you the detours".
A wonderful book - The Crystal Year - written by Claire Titmus. Which takes you through the months of the year, unraveling all the rituals, let you know how to celebrate the months with crystals, ancient knowledge, traditions, and many more
Ontdek de goed bewaarde geheimen die in dit boek besproken worden. Samen met de praktische invulling waarmee het kaarten interpreteert. Dit boek 'breaths new life into your readings'.
Santa Muerte is a complete ritual guide to working with this famous and beloved Mexican folk saint.
De heksenvervolgingen waren een oorlog tegen vrouwen, die zijn sporen tot in het heden heeft nagelaten.
A Romani Approach Featuring the Gypsy Witch Deck.
From Wiccan author Arin Murphy-Hiscock comes this fantastic guide to spiritual self-care with a witchy bent. The Witch's Guide to Self-Care contains recipes for products and spells for self-restoration
Discover how to diagnose, recover from, and prevent jinxes, hexes, crosses, and curses. Explore counter-measure recipes, reversal spells, and cleansing rituals. Whatever is after you, this book can help you stop it.
Whether you're an out-and-proud witch in progress, or a witch in the broom closet, this spellbinding beginner's book will teach you how to discover the natural magick within you, and use it to thrive!
In the ancient world the magicians of Egypt were considered the best. But was magic harmless fun, heartfelt hope, or something darker?
Imagine yourself at the World Tree, Yggdrasil. You sit on one of its gigantic roots. Urd's Well is in sight and maybe you can see the Norns, the weavers of fate. The colours of a Rainbow touch the Well's shore.
Ga mee op een magische reis en maak kennis met een van de oudste spirituele tradities ter wereld: de hekserij. In deze praktische handleiding leer je alles over haar eeuwenoude geschiedenis, haar vele rituelen, seizoensfeesten, rites en spreuken en wat he
Origineel en praktisch handboek over witchcraft voor meisjes van 8-12 jaar die van magie houden.
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